Touch 'n' Learn

a new app for kids, for ages from 9 months to 5 years. Using only their touch, kids can learn the basics, like colors, numbers, letters, shapes and fruits!

Available Now!

Made by parents, tested by children

Two at the price of one

Universal app for bith iPhone & iPad. Buy once and download on all your iOS devices!

Up to 5 years old

The content is delivered not only via audio and image, but also by text which enables older kids to learn how to spell!

Specially designed so as to trigger children's interest and to entertain simultaneously. Designed simply in order to promote the content and avoid distractions.


Quick results

In a very short time, children will begin to recognize and link the content to the real world

Lots to learn

The app’s content makes learning fun and playful! With lots of stuff to learn, children won’t be bored!

Colors & Shapes

Letters & Numbers


Total items for learning

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